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I have a question maybe more, I am wondering how much money you would suggest to set aside to get a badge and to book a hotel? My husband and I were thinking about going back in August 2017, but we just were not able to afford things when it came time to start getting things. I am hoping to be able to get the money together so we can come out August 2018. Thanks for your help. 
This year it was a little hard to say what the ultimate total was this year because GC was bundled into a longer vacation but the general break down ran something like the following:

Hotel: $428 (We split a room on the edge of the downtown area this year but we generally stay outside of down town due to not being able to afford a downtown room or know enough people to split one.)
Badge: $200 ($90 x 2)
Events: ~$400 (Rough total between mine and my husband's event. It was a little higher this year due to sever higher cost events.)
Parking: $70 (Gate Ten parking 5 day pass. This is actually rolled into the events total since I picked it up during pre-reg.  I plan on doing this again if possible since it was so much nicer to not have to scrounge for parking this year,)
Food:$160 (This was for two people for 4 days. I'm not 100% sure on this one since GC this year was rolled into a larger vacation.)
Spending Money: $400 (Split between the two of us but there was a little bit more since my husband had won some money at a casino earlier in the week.)
Gas: ~$100 (This is a rough guesstimate for this year again due to it being part of a larger vacation and fluctuating gas prices. We drive from Missouri so it takes roughly 3 tanks of gas to get to Indy and back)

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It's real now!! Gencon 2018 here we come.

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Still buzzin' from this year. Now time to hype for next year!

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