Holding Hands

Back by popular demand, weddings and vow renewals at Gen Con!

On Saturday at 7 pm, just prior to the dance, Gen Con will host a mass vow renewal ceremony. This unofficial, nondenominational, gamer-themed, group ceremony is open to all. Friends and family are welcome; and the dance is your reception! Advance registration is recommended, but not required. Event ID: ZED18144115.

If you want to renew your vows more personally, you can work with our wedding coordinator on vow renewals at specific times in specific iconic Gen Con locations. If you live in Marion or Monroe counties in Indiana, you might even be able to have a legal wedding! Please sign up for one of the listed events, and then email our wedding coordinator for further information.

All personalized weddings will take place in the Indiana Convention Center, in the 2nd floor Serpentine Lobby, across from the escalators; look for signage.

Geeky Weddings & Vow Renewals:

ZED18144106 2pm
ZED18144108 3pm
ZED18144109 4pm
ZED18144110 2pm
ZED18144111 3pm
ZED18144112 4pm
ZED18144113 2pm
ZED18144114 3pm

If you have any further questions, you can contact our wedding coordinator.

Wedding Officiating provided by: