SPA Program

With over 300 events this year, this group of nongaming geek centric activities has something for everyone, no matter what you're interested in, whether you like crafty events or active events. There are even events that will allow you to explore more of the city. Whether you are a hardcore gamer, or don't game at all, there is something sure to interest you in this program.


Events in the SPA category can be roughly divided into three kinds of events, crafty activities, active activities, and tours.

If you'd like to try your hand at a crafty class, there are kntting, crochet, jewelry making, soap making, and hundreds of other classes. Highlights include basic knitting classes, such as SPA17106096 and SPA17104894, learning to crochet classes, such as SPA17106098, and some beginner friendly jewelry classes, such as SPA17119184, SPA17109838, or SPA17105255. Also be sure to check out the variety of fun geeky crafts offered by Crafty Gamers; they'll help you create crafty household items with a geeky twist!

If you need to relax and regain focus after a hard day of gaming, or to prepare for the next day, try one of many Yoga and Tai Chi classes, such as SPA17107240, SPA17107241, or SPA17103565.

If you're ready for action, there are a variety of events to get you moving, including sword classes, such as SPA17103550, belly dancing, SPA17105907, and traditional dance classes of all kinds, including those being run by the gaming group Dancing and Dragons. And if you'd like to put those dance class skills into action before the actual dance, there's even a ballroom practice party on Saturday night! Event ID:SPA17103674.

As for tour events, the Indy Brew Bus tours always sell out quickly, but you can always check in the system or onsite for dropped tickets. There are also multiple downtown Indy “Catacombs” tours, at the City Market, just a short walk away, from group Indiana Landmarks. If you’d like something a little scarier, join Chaos Haunted & Historical Tours for one of their many downtown Haunted Walking Tours.

So as you see, whether you are a part time gamer, hard core gamer, or not even a gamer at all, you'll find something to enjoy in this program.

SPA events are located in rooms 201-210 of the ICC; feel free to stop by the SPA Open Crafting room any time to work on your favorite craft, learn a new craft, or for assistance with finding any SPA event.

We've only highlighted a very few of the many SPA events at Gen Con this year, on this webpage.

Please check our online event guide for a complete list of all SPA events.


SPA Open Crafting Room

Looking for a little inspiration? Need to get your crafting fix? Would you like to relax in a craft friendly environment? Then stop by Gen Con’s Open Crafting room in room 209 of the ICC. Plenty of space and many free supplies are available. Even more incredible it’s not just the supplies that are gratis, it’s FREE for anyone with a Gen Con 2017 badge. Hours are Thursday to Saturday, 8 am-10 pm, Sunday 8 am- 2 pm.

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