Industry Insider Program Information

Gen Con’s Industry Insider program is a curated program based around all things gaming related. The program consists of seminars and panels suggested and hosted by this year's Industry Insiders. Topics vary and are as diverse as the Industry Insider's themselves but always remain industry focused.

Featured Presenters

Meet our Gen Con 50 Industry Insider Featured Presenters who will be sharing their expertise, experience, and adventures with you.

Guest of Honor

Gen Con is honored to announce Margaret Weis as Industry Insider Guest of Honor! Information about Ms. Weis can be found on our Industry Insider Guest of Honor page.

Seminar and Panel Events Schedule

Learn tools, tips, and tricks from Gen Con's insiders; join in the conversations that are shaping our industry at these diverse and engaging seminars.

More details, including the full schedule will be available when Event Registration goes live on May 28 at noon (Eastern).

Advisory Panel

These industry veterans help bring together the best of the best for Gen Con's Industry Insider program through year round recruitment. When submissions open, they curate the events providing valuable guidance in shaping the overall program.

Meet the Advisory Panelists - Ajit George, Matt Forbeck, and Nicole Lindroos!

Industry Insider Alumni

Gen Con would like to recognize all the amazing industry insiders who have shared their knowledge with us over the years. Check out our Industry Insider Academy!

Gen Con would like to thank the Featured Presenters; Margaret Weis, our Industry Insider Guest of Honor; and our Advisory Panelists without whom this program would not exist.