How To Find Events

Please note that event search capabilities, and therefore these links, will not be active until the event listings are opened for public viewing in May. This search information is subject to change.

Our default event search engine is the Event Finder. This Event Finder should make it easier to search for events online whether you are using a computer, a smart phone, or a tablet.

However you search for events, remember that events are being added continually to the event list. If you only download the event list when it first comes out, you will miss out on some great events!

Searching on Event Finder

The Event Finder is designed for more efficient access to events. When you first open the Event Finder page you will notice three basic filters for displaying events.

Category / Game: Displays events grouped by event category or type of game, e.g. Board Games, or Isle of Misfit Events

Day / Hour: Displays events based on days they occur, e.g. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday

Host: Displays events based on the host or company hosting, e.g. Atlas Games, The Doubleclicks

Event display sort order can be set by Title or Start Time by clicking on the respective column headings. Categories and events are displayed in groups based on first letter of title or hourly start time, depending on which sort order is selected. The Title and Start Time columns on the Event Finder are clickable and sortable.

Search Options

Clicking on the Search Options button displays more advanced filters for viewing events. Deselect any criteria which you would not like to be displayed and click "Apply Options," e.g. deselecting "Have Sold Out" will remove any sold-out events from your search results.

Keyword Search

In the Search for Keywords field, you can enter keywords to search events and their descriptions. Be sure to use quotes around the particular word or phrase to narrow your search. Searching without quotes will return results where all instances of the search are used. After typing your keyword, click "Enter" to display the events that match your search terms. You can combine keyword search results with the "Search Options" to filter the displayed results. Click "Search Options," uncheck the boxes for the criteria you wish to omit, and click "Apply Options." To remove the search term at any time, you can click on the search term bar with the X on the right side. You can use this field to search for specific Game IDs as well. Smart quotes will be accepted in this field.

Any feedback regarding Event Finder functionality should be sent to

You can also ask questions about events, or report issues with specific event listings, on the Gen Con Forums.

Using the Classic Search Interface

If you prefer the old search page, the classic event finder is where you want to go.

With this interface, you'll be able to search by Event Type, Game ID, Keyword, Title, Game System, Day, and Time. Additional filters allow you to hide sold out events, and show only recently updated events. Keep in mind that selecting only recently updated events will show you any event that is new or has been modified in the past two weeks. You may also use this search interface to browse by Game System, Gaming Group, Company, or Day.

Using Your Wish List

When the Event Catalog becomes public, you can begin building your Wish Lists when signed in to You will want to load up your Wish List with your favorite events found through exploring the event offerings. When Event Registration begins in May, you can submit your Wish List at noon (Eastern), and it will process in the order it is received. After your Wish List is processed, your tickets will appear in your cart and you will need to check out to secure them. It may take up to an hour to receive your email receipt, given the anticipated volume of Wish Lists. Tickets will be bundled with your badge in your packet, which will be shipped to you or available at Will Call, based on your chosen fulfillment method.

Please review the following video for more information on how to implement your Wish List, which is essential whether you are using the new, or classic, search interface. This video was filmed using the classic interface, but the information on creating your wish list is valid regardless of the search tool you use.

Downloading the Event Catalog

As in past years, you will be able to download the current complete catalog, as well as a list of Premier and Interesting events.

Links to download the event catalog:

These links will be updated every 6 hours.

A complete list of downloadable files will also be available on the Gen Con Forums.

Other Options

Occasionally, third parties also offer alternate means to search for events; we will post relevant links here, should we have them.